1. One QUALY is a year of life lived in perfect health or perhaps two years of ill-health.  QUALYs may be added by improving people’s health and/or longevity.  A more fulsome explanation is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quality-adjusted_life_year or the medical literature.

Welcome!  Medical Currents Ltd./ BionicGym

We aim to add at least

Ten Million QUALYs   
[Quality Adjusted Life Years]1

First Product :  www.bionicgym.com
[amazing... train better... break records... clinically proven... caloric equivalent of a marathon from your couch!]

... and we're hiring (and open to investment)

  • Novel technology to help people live longer, healthier and happier.
  • Launching consumer product Q3 2016; explicitly medical products will follow.
  • Many applications from elite athletes to pre-diabetes /Type 2 DM  (79million and 24 million in the US, respectively, with annual health burden exceeding $500 billion).

  • Pilot Studies done with positive clinical data (e.g. HBA1c improvement 7.4 % to 6.6%)
  • Works via well established pathways (all considered its efficacy is no surprise!)
  • Can be accelerated to market (<4 years).
Dr Louis Crowe (medical doctor).
His inventions :
Clinically-proven, independently-validated, effective therapies.
​​ Almost a billion dollars-worth in retail sales.
​ De novo FDA approvals (and another undergoing a ten-site US-based study).
 Formerly Medical Director at BMR Ltd (Ireland) and consultant to Biolab GmbH - BIOTRONIK's private think-tank (Berlin).

Over ten years researching this therapy.

The technology is already proven.  However, to commercialise the product this year we need: 

Engineering skills, particularly hardware (mixture of analogue and digital technologies - a sophisticated signal generator with phone control).  We have a wonderful CTO, Barry Broderick PhD.  However, with the right help he can accelerate development.

Media and Sales and Marketing.  To control our image and drive sales.

Partners for distribution and promotion, etc.

CFO/Co-CEO:  for the right candidate anything is possible.

VC /Angle partner(s) for Expertise, Advice and Funding (~€1 million).

With further funding will be able to convert the existing systems into an implanted/ semi-implanted system with feedback loops.

10 minute Tech-Demo

Visit to see the technology in action (absolutely necessary if you wish
to  understand its full potential). 

I can also take you through a short slide deck and share clinical results.

Central location and have great coffee! 

Visit / Contact:  Louis Crowe; louiscrowe@gmail.com; mobile:  +353-87 2393473.