Welcome!  Medical Currents Ltd.

Better control over the nervous system means great control over the body.

As physical activity is the primary indicator of health. This is where we start.  We can deliver intense exercise to:

  • those who cannot exercise (20 million in the US)
  • ‚Äčthose who take insufficient exercise (most adults) and
  • elite athletes (special physiological benefits).  

We're expanding the team...  to deliver our first product:  BionicGym

If you are not brilliant, kind and enthusiastic don't bother.

Expect to change health, sports and well-being through a series of important products.    

Engineering skills required, particularly hardware (mixture of analogue and digital technologies) to collaborate with the talented Barry Broderick (electronic engineer).

Media and Sales and Marketing.  To control our image and drive sales.  It is probable that we will engage in a crowd-funding round; partly to hone our messaging, etc.

CFO/co-CEO:  for the right candidate anything is possible.

So contact us today...  /+353-87-2393473 /louiscrowe@gmail.com

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